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Private collections

Private files, whether from associations, private individuals or families should not be neglected: they contain valuable information on the history of emigration, according to whether the associations or families had connections with the Valais emigration. Here are some examples:

Associations collections:

The Vieux-Monthey collection

This collection contains interesting documents on emigration from the Valais in the township of Monthey, such as no. 3393: this is a draft version by Louis Borgeaud […] for the 1954 Annales Valaisannes on emigration to America in 1861.

The Valaisans du Monde Collection:

The association Valaisans du Monde / Walliser in aller Welt was created on 18 May 1992, as a consequence of the reunions of 1991, which were held to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the Swiss Confederation. The purpose of these reunions was to permit encounters between Valaisans and the descendants of emigrants from the Valais living mainly in North and South America, and in Argentina in particular. Contacts had already been made in the 1980s and materialized in 1991, when many descendants from 19th-century emigrants came to the Valais.  

At present, Valaisans du Monde ( has relations with 44 committees or associations throughout the world and 450 members (individuals, associations, townships), including 100 abroad.

NOTE: permission from the president of the association is necessary for consultation of this collection.

The San José Colony collection:

This small collection contains documents commemorating the 100th and 115th anniversary of the creation of the San José colony (colonie San José) in Argentina.

The Family collection:

Interesting documents to help understand emigration from the Valais can also be found in the occasional private collection. We would mention, for example, the Mettaz collection, 2013/27, 1, which contains historical accounts (the emigration to Brazil of Florentin Ançay, from Fully; Swiss colonies in Brazil) and excerpts from the civil registry (Margarida Ançay Warchelski, Pascoa Maria Ançai), 1951-2008.

The Klaus Anderegg collection, which is in the process of being deposited at the Valais State Archives, contains many documents, letters, photographs, audiotapes, etc., which are of major importance for the study of Valais emigration.
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