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The register of emigrants


In 1871, the decision was taken to establish a cantonal register of emigrants. Its purpose was to provide information about the persons and families who emigrated to Argentina, North America or North Africa between 1849 and 1879. It contains the names of 6,629 persons.In the Rapport de gestion du Conseil d’Etat of 1871, a memorandum of the Department of the Interior indicated the date of the elaboration of the Register and the sources that were used to establish it: "Since the State did not have a complete register of emigrations, we had the municipalities take a general census since the beginning of the emigration". This document was therefore established retrospectively for the periods from 1849 to 1871. From 1871 to 1879 it was kept by a state agency based on information provided by the municipalities, and is unfortunately far from being complete.

Paper, 38.5 x 49 cm ; french

AEV, DI, 358

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